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The Farnborough Holiday Inn is one of the best places to enjoy a quality meal in Farnborough. The restaurant is open to everybody, not just our hotel guests, so you can make the most of our fantastic cuisine whether you’re staying the night with us afterwards or not.

With a fantastic range of traditional meals on offer, we’re open all day. Whether you’re rushing between business meetings or enjoying a day out visiting the local tourist sights, we’ll have a great meal waiting for you here at our Farnborough restaurant in the Holiday Inn.

Great location, great food

Hampshire is well known across England for its beauty, and Farnborough is no exception. Situated on the border of this ancient county, just moments away from Surrey, this beautiful and idyllic town combines the great features of both counties.

There’s plenty to get up to during your stay in Farnborough. And if you’ve been checking out the sights and beauty of this town all day, then you’re certainly going to want to find somewhere satisfying to get a relaxing and hearty meal.

The Holiday Inn in Farnborough is just six minutes’ drive away from the station and the town centre – a journey which can be easily taken on foot if you’re in the mood for a brisk walk. So if you’ve just arrived by train to the town and are heading straight over to the hotel, or you’ve been out and about in town for a day trip – you’ll find us a quick and convenient option when you’re ready to sit down and eat.

All-day dining in our Farnborough restaurant

When you first walk into the Farnborough Holiday Inn, you’ll be welcomed into our chic new open lobby, a fantastic place to relax, enjoy yourself with friends, and have a quick drink before your meal. A stylish space is one thing, but it’s our flexibility that also makes us a top restaurant in Farnborough thanks to the fact that we offer dining throughout the day.

Whatever your busy schedule has in store, from tourist attractions to business meetings, you can be sure that we’ll have a great meal waiting for you when you arrive.

Classic dishes for great prices

If you’re in town with the family, don’t forget that the Holiday Inn is one of the best places to feed the whole family for less in Farnborough. That’s because with our kids stay and eat free offer, you get the same brilliant cuisine without paying extra for your kids.

If your family has been spending a long, hard day out catching the sights of the local area, then this is surely the best way to have everyone around a table, enjoying great food, and relaxing – well into the evening.

For the adults, you’ll be happy to hear that the hotel bar and lounge is also available as a fantastic place to wind down and socialise with the people that matter most to you. Whether that’s a group of friends you’ve been spending the day with or your business partners and colleagues you’ve been working hard with – catching a few drinks and relaxed chat in our open lobby is a perfect way to enjoy the evening before you head up to your rooms and suites.

Sumptuous new menus

Whatever time of day you choose to dine with us, you’ll benefit from our menus and a wide range of choices and options.

If you’re up early and getting ready to start your day off right, then take a look through our breakfast menu and choose from a continental breakfast, including pancakes, porridge and a range of pastries, as well as a traditional English cooked breakfast, and much more – this buffet will have you awake and ready to go in no time.

Our all-day dining menu is similarly varied, with a fantastic range of meals, from pizzas to pastas, burgers and even steak – there’s plenty of choice for you to indulge in when you visit us.

Top rate accommodation after your top rate meal

Of course, a stylish, comfortable hotel room is a great way to round off an evening of great food and drink. While our restaurant and bar are open to everyone, we certainly recommend making a night of it with a stay in the hotel too. Our rooms are just upstairs so you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends, family and colleagues for as long as you like without worrying about taxis home.

If you’ve eaten with us and would like to find out more about what else we can do to accommodate you, our venue hire or private party offers might well be of interest.

Alternatively, you can always contact us to find out more about our accommodation and restaurants. And of course we’re here to welcome you whenever you’re ready to book your rooms or pop into our restaurant.

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