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There’s nothing like a birthday party to bring family and friends together, giving you the chance to catch up and enjoy good company on a special occasion.

Surprise birthday parties make the day even more exciting. Why not organise a surprise birthday party with us at the Holiday Inn Farnborough Hotel? We will guide you every step of the way, to help organise the most epic surprise birthday party imaginable.

Contact us today to find out more.

Party at our venue

The first step in organising a surprise birthday party is always choosing the venue. When selecting a venue, you want it to be in a convenient location, so your guests can easily reach it. That is why Holiday Inn Farnborough is the best place for your party, as we are perfectly situated in the centre of Farnborough itself.

You don’t have to wander far from the hotel to see the sights Farnborough has to offer, whether before or after the party. You can also reach the local station within a short five-minute drive.

Farnborough Station offers convenient connections to a range of destinations, from London to Basingstoke and elsewhere in the South and South West of England, allowing your guests to reach the venue easily.

If you or your guests are arriving by car, you can find us just off the A325, providing easy access, wherever you may be coming from.

Take advantage of our dining options

Now that you’ve chosen your venue and created your guest list, you’ll want to plan the kind of food you’d like for the surprise party.

Thanks to our fantastic hotel meal deals, we offer a range of exquisite dishes from our tasty menu. Spoil your guests with newly-created dishes, prepared by our dedicated chefs, to ensure everyone’s taste buds are satisfied.

Whatever your requirements, you can rest assured that we can accommodate them, with our range of menus, drinks and wine packages to suit your taste and budget. And there’s more! You can also arrange a birthday cake for that special someone with our dedicated dining team.

Spoil yourself with an overnight stay

After a memorable day, you’ll certainly want to crash out somewhere comfortable. Why not book an overnight stay with us at Holiday Inn Farnborough? Spoil yourself in one of our beautiful guest bedrooms. Alternatively, choose from a selection of them, ranging from our modern standard rooms to our stylish executive accommodation options.

In the morning, make sure to fill up on our award-winning breakfast. Whether you fancy a Full English breakfast or a lighter option of cereal, freshly baked croissants and fresh fruits, we’ve got it all in store for you and any remaining guests.

Have the time of your life!

Hopefully, by this point, that special someone has not yet figured out the surprise party. You’ll want to have the time to get all your guests to the venue first and ensure the birthday person, whoever they may be, reaches the hotel, without having worked out what’s going on.

When you’ve finally surprised them with the greatest gift ever, relax and have the time of your lives, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Here at Holiday Inn Farnborough, we go the extra mile to ensure a delightful stay. Contact us today and we can help you organise the most epic surprise birthday party possible!

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